What happens if I go into labor during the night or on the weekends?

We are on call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks of pregnancy. You'll contact us as soon as you go into labor! We only book as many clients as we can handle.

If by chance you go into labor the same day as one of our other clients, no worries. We always have a backup! 

What type of births do you capture?

All birth is beautiful and deserves to be captured! We attend births at home, birthing centers, and hospitals. We do capture c-sections with your doctor's permission. Please check with your care provider about their policy on having photographers

and/or filmmakers in the room during your delivery. 

When will my photographer and/or filmmaker arrive to my birth?

 We will arrive at your birth when you are in active labor (usually dilated 6-7 cm) depending on certain factors such as how many times you've given birth. In the case of scheduled C-sections,

we will arrive before your appointment time.

Do you use flash while capturing my birth?

Our goal is to respect your birth environment by not being noticeable or disruptive. We do not use flash while capturing births. We have equipment to maintain an intimate atmosphere in the case your birth happens in a low light room or at night.  

For additional questions contact Kalee Kondo at genesisbirthco@gmail.com or (214)620-3018